Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Things (I Think) I Should Care About (But Don't)

  • Hurricane Isaac and whether/when/where it will make landfall
  • The Republican Convention
  • The election in general
  • The price of gasoline
  • Billing eight hours today
Things I Do Care About:
  • Whether our local daytime high will be under 100 degrees at any point this weekend (MM won't allow the boys to go to any outdoor venues if it's "too hot," which he defines as daytime high over 100)
  • Starting the boys on a new food this evening (I'm debating among prunes, peaches, and mangos)
  • Getting my expense reimbursement in for yesterday's work-related trip
  • Whether the coffee shop in our plaza still has any chocolate croissants left
Boy, I sure am deep!


  1. Peaches! Go for peaches -- they are in season and won't cause the explosive poop of prunes. or Mangoes... hmmmm... so much to choose from!

  2. It's probably good you don't are about election stuff - I do and I am pretty sure it's been giving me a series of small aneurisms. Not good for the health.
    And chocolate croissants...definitely good to think about. Mmmmm. Though also maybe not good for the health.
    I vote mangoes!

  3. Fresh, ripe, gooey mangos make excellent finger food.

  4. I definitely do not care about the Rebulican Convention either. :)
    And I'm glad our 100+ degree spell has passed,as that was brutal. (and unsual for here). But it is supposed to be 96 tomorrow, and that can suck it as well!

  5. Ya know, sometimes that chocolate croissant is ALL that matters. ;)

  6. I've never had a chocolate croissant. But I can see why you'd be wanting one.


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