Monday, June 18, 2012

The battle of the bulge continues

(Today's post has nothing to do with infertility, and pregnancy and children are briefly mentioned.)

Why is it that, as soon as I decide to start a diet, I find myself extra hungry that day?  *sigh*

Remember how I mentioned that I'd lost 16 lbs while pregnant?  (I talked about it in this post.)  Yeah, well, 15 of them are back.  Hrmph.  Guess that's what a return to my usual eating habits coupled with no exercise will do. . . .

So I am once again on the weight loss wagon.  And when our nanny starts (two weeks from today!), I will be going to the gym four mornings a week.

I can't even begin to count the number of times I have undertaken the challenge of losing weight and getting fit.  I've gotta get fit for my sons now, though, if not for myself.  I want to be around to see them grow up!  I'll be 59 before they graduate high school, and I know that, with my family history of heart disease and diabetes, it's not impossible I could be dead (or at least infirm) by that age if I don't take charge of my health.

Here we go. . . .


  1. S,

    Best of luck on your journey. You seem like such a strong and motivated person, I think you will be really successful. I'm pulling for you.


  2. Can you find something you really like that you can eat a lot of on a diet? I just bought 12pounds (I know, I am insane, but it was a really great sale) of blueberries today. I can freeze them and will eat them by the bowl. Also, I have recently discovered the most amazing banana shake where you freeze bananas then blend them with a handful of ice and a half cup of milk. It tastes like ice cream. Maybe you know about this, but I have been grabbing random people on the street because I am so excited by this. Good luck working out!

  3. I'm struggling again too. Breastfeeding has not done me any favors in the weight department. I lost 15lbs postpartum and have remained the same weight since three weeks after Leah was born... Thank goodness for summer - it's time to put on my walking shoes!

    Good luck to you!

  4. Good luck with this! We can support each other through it.

  5. Girl, I hear ya. I'm already dreading the future weight loss I'll have to deal with! I might just go back on Weight Watchers when the time comes so I have more structure. Good luck to you!


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