Monday, April 30, 2012

Great news

(CAUTION:  pregnancy mentioned)

No, not my pregnancy!   :-)

(As if!  Perish the thought. . . . gotta at least get the twins consistently sleeping through the night first!)

I have been following CeCe's journey for a long time.  She lost her first son at 21 weeks gestation and went on to conceive her rainbow baby C via IVF.  C was born in July 2010, and CeCe has long wanted to give him a (living) sibling.  To that end, she started TTC again over a year ago.

CeCe recently found out she is pregnant again!  I'm so excited for her and am praying that all goes well.

Stop by and congratulate her, if you're of a mind to.

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  1. What a way to start my day seeing this! Thank you for the kind thoughts!!!


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