Wednesday, September 14, 2011

16 Weeks

(Today's post will be all about pregnancy. If you don't feel like reading about that right now, I completely understand. Hope to see you again soon.)


Total Weight Loss/Gain: Still down about 7 lbs from what I weighed the morning before our embryo transfer.  My weight loss has leveled off in the past month, but I'm still not gaining.  I'm a little concerned and plan to discuss with my OB at my next appointment on 9/22.

Maternity Clothes:  Not yet.  I've considered them, but I'm not quite there.  I've been wearing more skirts/dresses and pants with stretch lately, though.

Stretch marks: I've had stretch marks for years from growth spurts and weight gain. I don't have any new ones related to pregnancy yet.

Sleep:  Still sleeping OK. I do have to get up once or twice a night to pee, which is new since the last update.

Movement: I've seen them moving on my ultrasounds but haven't felt movement yet.  One night I thought I did, but it was gas.  LOL

Cravings/Aversions: I still have some food aversions, though not as many as before.  I have continued to have a bad taste in my mouth after eating off and on, but it seems to be improving.  No cravings.

Gender: Don't know yet, too early. (Yes, we have a "guess.")

Symptoms: Blessedly, I haven't taken Zofran for a week--hooray!  I still have nausea from when I wake up until mid-morning or mid-day, but I've been able to tough it out because it's not quite as bad.  (P.S. I tried two flavors of Preggy Pops since my last update and HATED them.  Had to spit 'em out.)  I continue to have heartburn, now sometimes even when I take Zantac. My nipples are sore/sensitive, and they have changed color and devloped some bumps I never had before. I am still more tired than usual.  (What happened to my "return to normal energy level" in the second tri?  I feel cheated.)  I'm feeling like I have to pee more often.

What I miss: Having a normal energy level.  Being able to enjoy food and eat whatever I want.  Sushi.

What I look forward to:  Seeing the babies at my next appointment on 9/22 and our anatomy scan on 10/7.

Moods: Generally good.  I can be irritable when my stomach is upset.  If I'm at work, I generally stay in the office with my door closed.  MM gets the worst of it when I'm home in the evenings, poor guy.

Milestones:  My belly looks pregnant!  Well, at least to me, though not yet to others.  I can feel my fundus (top portion of my uterus) just under my navel.

Medical concerns: None so far, thank goodness.

Sex?: Eh, maybe later.

Misc:  I want to include that we are already accumulating baby items!  In addition to some gender neutral clothing, towels and blankets my in-laws bought when we first learned we were having twins, we now have a bouncy chair, a swing, a Pack-and-Play and some beautiful handmade blankets.  Also, my in-laws very generously gave us a sizable check to cover all the necessities (in lieu of birthday & Christmas gifts for this year), so we are ready to really start shopping!

Now I just need to clear out our home office so it can become the nursery. . . . .


  1. I'm so glad the nausea isn't quite as bad. And that your belly finally looks pregnant:) I am so excited you are talking nursery now. It makes it seem more real when there is a nursery! Hopefully that energy will come back soon!

  2. Yeah, those weird mole-ish growths that appear on the nipples---aren't they lovely?

    Glad the MS has subsided a bit. Let's hope it stays far far away!

  3. I got a referral for a nutritionist because even though I've gained weight, everything I stick in my mouth causes me to BLOW up. I'm taking Beano and Gas-X but when I blow up I can't eat anymore. I still have a meat aversion so my protein options were beans and lentils but now I can't eat those. I know this is a pretty benign annoyance but it feels awful to suddenly have your belly fill up with gas after a few bites of food.

    Ha, I miss sushi too! I've gone to Japanese restaurants a couple of times and it's just not the same eating only cooked food. :(

    As for movement, the first time I thought I felt it, it was followed by a toot so mine was gas, too. The last couple of times I didn't toot or burp afterward (rare occasion for me to not be belching or farting) so I was convinced it was baby kicking. But at the US, the technician pointed out that my placenta is on top of my stomach and that I probably wouldn't feel any kicking until week 20+. So now I'm confused about whether it's kicking or not.

    As for energy, who knows? I feel less exhausted than the first tri but the second tri ain't no energetic picnic either... Everyone is different.

    Glad you're feeling well enough to kick the Z for a while.

    Lastly, shopping! How fun is that?! Our twins club is having its big consignment sale this week. Can't wait to load up on gear and now that we know the sexes, I don't have to go so neutral! yay!!!

  4. I hope you don't mind but these posts prompt me to reflect on my own experiences and I plan to share them with you - as unsolicited as they may be... =)

    I'm obviously no doctor AND only having a singleton, but I wouldn't stress too much about your weight just yet. I didn't gain more than two pounds between 12 -22 weeks. It picked up closer 25wks. My doc said there is just so much internal development going on that they don't really need the weight. They'll get cute and fat later...

    On the energy front. I still don't feel like my old self, and since your body is doing twice the work mine is, I'll bet you might not either. Every time I get frustrated about not having the same capacity for work my best friend/boss yells at me and says "YOU ARE MAKING A PERSON - you're doing enough!"

    So glad you're nausea is getting a little better!

  5. Fantastic... congratulations :)) I've been on a blogging break and it's been lovely to come back to everyone's good news about pregnancies :) Have fun accumulating more baby items :)) Love to you and bub xoxo

  6. I'm glad you are starting to feel better. I'm still waiting for the second trimester energy boost too, and I'm at 22 weeks! I hope yours arrives earlier than mine.

  7. You might be a week ahead of me...but we are definitely twins when it comes to all this! Too funny....both carrying twins and many of the same symptoms and feelings! I can relate....boy oh boy...can I relate!!!!!

  8. When I was pg with triplets I read the book "When You're Expecting Twins, Triplets or Quads" by Dr. Barbara Luke. She has a nutrition guide in it and talks about how much weight to gain. She has an above average rate of healthy full-term twin pregnancies. It was a little scary when referencing just how much she thought you should be eating, but even if you don't follow it 100% it may give you ideas of where to supplement your diet. It was an excellent book.

    Glad to hear that things are still going well and that you are starting to acquire baby stuff. I know it was a huge step for me to go out and buy our first onesie.


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