Saturday, September 19, 2009


Why does someone abuse his 3-week-old daughter and cause her death?

Why does a parent leave his child in the car in the 100+ degree heat, fail to supervise her child in or near a swimming pool, or allow his toddler to wander the streets of a large city alone and unsupervised? (These things happen several times every summer where I live.)

Why is a girl who just turned 15 giving birth to her second child, while her parents have moved to another state, leaving her to live with her 20-year-old boyfriend? In a state where the legal age of consent is 15, this is per se a criminal act for the person who fathered her babies, presumably the adult boyfriend. (This happened in a case my firm is working on.)

Why do parents abuse and neglect their daughter, allowing their lack of supervision to contribute to her rape at the hands of four boys?

Why do people bring children into the world, only to neglect, ignore or abuse them? Working with children in foster care, this is a question I have asked myself hundreds, if not thousands, of times.

Now I also ask: and why did G-d deem it appropriate to bless these people with children and not me?

P.S. When this posts, I will be en route to Washington, DC. I probably won't be reading any blogs while I'm gone but will catch up when I return after the 28th.


  1. I just don't know. I know that we are supposed to trust that there's a reason for the paths that are given to us in our life, but sometimes I just don't get it.

  2. Sickening. Heartbreaking. So many horrible things.

    I usually don't even allow my mind to do down this path. Just too beyond comprehensible.

    Hope your travels were safe. Looking forward to "seeing" you when you return :)

  3. I hope your vacation is wonderful and healing! I don't know how you do it, working on cases that are so unbelieveable. You deserve a break!


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