Monday, September 14, 2009

ETA: unknown

I am still waiting to have a "normal period" post-miscarriage. Because it has been nearly a month since I had the bleeding which our RE's office told me was just from "hormone withdrawal," MM really wanted me to POAS this past weekend. To humor him, I did. . . . and saw the usual stark white space on the HPT where the second line should be. (Is there a worse feeling, even when you know it's coming? Ugh.)

I have also been randomly peeing on OPKs every 2-3 days at work to check whether I will see a LH surge. Nothing. Most of the OPKs have no second line at all; only once have I seen even a faint second line, which is still a negative.

So I wait.

I was thinking this morning that at this point, since AF has not yet made her appearance, it'd be better for me if she just waits until Friday at least. If this Friday 9/18 were my CD 1, I'd have to rush to a lab to have blood drawn for a hCG level, and I'd have to start my meds for that cycle while on vacation. . . . but if I start sooner than Friday, we won't be able to do treatment at all this next cycle because our vacation will conflict with my mandatory CD 11 monitoring u/s. If I start later than Friday, I can probably call my RE's office and arrange to get my blood test and buy my drugs in my vacation locale, if we decided to go that route, though it's more likely that we will just skip a cycle in that event as well. (I'd hate to waste scarce, precious vacation time dealing with that stuff.)

Actually, as I am thinking about this more as I write this post, I'm realizing that there are far more scenarios regarding AF's arrival where we are out-and-out screwed for treatment next cycle (or at least greatly inconvenienced) than there are scenarios where things work out OK. Oh well.

I am in uncharted territory for me, and I honestly have no idea when I might have a period again. I don't think anyone can give me answer to that one.

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  1. I hope things work out for you honey - I'd love for you to have a relaxing vacation, but I understand not wanting to wait anohter cycle. Fingers crossed that things work out for you.


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