Monday, March 28, 2011

Waiting for AF

According to my nifty "iPeriod" iPhone app, AF is due tomorrow.  Typically I have mild cramps and some spotting anywhere from 12 to 24 hours before she makes her appearance (assuming I haven't recently popped aspirin or ibuprofen for a headache and masked the cramps).  So far, nothing.

Usually when I'm waiting for AF, I am secretly hoping that she isn't going to show (because I'm pregnant, natch).  Even as we are on the precipice of embarking on our DE IVF cycle, there is still a faint, faint glimmer of this hope; MM even mentioned it as we were walking the dogs last night.  (Ah, wouldn't it be glorious to be able to use the money we've set aside for DE for something else?  We could have enough to replace my income during a 6-week FMLA leave and also take a little pre-baby trip.  Sigh.)

But my predemoninant feeling is wanting AF to arrive so that I can get on with my mock cycle.  Now that we have a concrete plan, I want to put it into action.

[Although actually, if she could manage to delay her appearance by a few days, I could go in for my baseline u/s and bloodwork on Saturday and not miss work.  Just sayin'.]

This waiting is a lot easier, though, than the waiting I was doing before MM agreed to go ahead with our DE cycle this summer as planned.  Probably because it is a shorter wait which is certain to be finite in duration.

BTW, in case you don't read her blog, my blogger buddy Roccie got a second awesome beta result this morning.  Looks like she is definitely knocked up from her DE FET.  Congratulations!


  1. Waiting for Af is the worst, I so hope yours comes on time so that you get that mock cycle started.

  2. Love the iperios app, I knew you would too! I can't wait for you to get things underweigh!

  3. It'll feel so much more real once you've got that mock transfer done and you're taking the drugs. :) Keepin' my fingers crossed that AF will show up right when she should!

  4. Hoping you can start soon!!!!! Here to hold your hand through this next chapter....

  5. Whatever the outcome whether it is your fantasy BFP with OE or BFP via DE...I just hope you get a baby and soon!! Take care...

  6. Sending you later in the week AF vibes!

  7. You gave me a true lol with iPeriod.

    Go get 'em!

    Thank you for the congrats. I get nervous and it is nice to hear the encouragement.


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