Thursday, March 31, 2011

Baseline update

I just got the call with results from this morning's monitoring appointment.  They are:

E2 -- 31
P4 -- 1.19
lining -- 4 mm ("nice and thin")

Having never done IVF with my own eggs, I'm not entirely sure what these numbers mean.  I mean, I was a nurse (and for a while, a biology major), so I know that your lining should be thinnest and your estrogen levels low at the beginning of a cycle, and I know progesterone drops just before you get your period. . . but as for the specific numbers, I couldn't tell you.  My St. Mungo's nurse told me they are exactly what they want to see, though, and I guess she would know.  ;-)

I am starting my estrogen pills tonight and will have another monitoring appointment in a week.  Stay tuned.

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  1. This is all so exciting! I am going to comment on the last few posts here. I think it is great that you are talking as if you are already successful. And, I love the comment from your husband about treating your body like a temple.

    I think the numbers sound great and hope all of the tests come back as expected.


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