Wednesday, December 2, 2015

I think I'm ahead

I'm so far behind at present, I think I'm ahead. Work has been exceptionally busy for the past 6 weeks or so, with no end in sight. Add in my sons and the holidays, and I am feeling quite swamped.

Here are the main things going on in my life of late apart from work:

  • Traveled to Mi.ami Be.ach for work and got one glorious night of uninterrupted sleep in a hotel right on the beach
  • Had a good Thanksgiving with my mother and my inlaws (I only prepared one minor side dish!)
  • Celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary the Saturday after
  • AJ insisted we put up our Ch.rist.mas tree on Monday, so now it's on display
  • Took the boys to a local reptile sanctuary over Thanksgiving weekend, and they loved it. (MJ held a king snake, and AJ actually LICKED a green anaconda after petting him for a while.)
  • Taking the boys on the Po.lar this coming Saturday
  • A dear friend is pregnant with her third, and I'm attending a sprinkle/lunch in her honor Saturday before we leave for the northern part of the state
  • Have done some shopping for the boys' presents but none for anyone else. At least I have an idea of what I'll buy. . . .
  • Sent out my holiday cards. I used to love doing a family Ch.ris.tmas letter, but I simply don't have the time these days, so folks just get a photo card from us
  • Have been working on organizing my digital photos in anticipation of printing them all (I crazily signed up for the "Embrace Your Phone" course which targets this issue in early November)
  • Started the 21 Day Fix on Monday, and so far, so good. Long overdue to eat more healthfully and exercise more regularly! I need to do something to have more energy
If I make it to February 1 with my sanity intact, I will be very grateful!

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  1. You're ahead of me. The important things always seem to get done. Give yourself a pat on the back and keep up the good work.


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