Thursday, October 22, 2015

Top Ten

These are the current top ten most commonly heard phrases from our sons, age 3 years 9 months:

10. Because I said so 
9.  I'm not your friend (only by AJ) 
8.  Can somebody wipe my bottom?
7.  I want a treat
6.  There's no monsters? (only by AJ)
5.  Watch this, Mom!
4.  I want to watch something on the TV (only by MJ)
3.  I want to buy that!
2.  I'm thirsty (or hungry)
1.  Why?


  1. No. 8 is at least somewhat nicer than what wakes me up most mornings: "Mummy, I had a poo!" I dream of the day when her arms are long enough to be able to do it herself...

    1. Ha! Yes, I've begun thinking that wiping one's own bum is a life skill I should work on teaching my children. :-)


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