Monday, July 6, 2015

#Microblogs Monday 45

  • Starting today, I'm working on cleaning up my eating again and exercising, for what feels like the bajillionth time (is that even a word?).  I've tried just about everything else under the sun to increase my energy EXCEPT eating completely "clean" and getting regular exercise, and nothing has worked, so I think I'm just going to have to find the time in my schedule for these things.
    • I know, intellectually and from prior experience, that I will feel better for doing these things. . . but it's just so much more WORK and TIME than simply grabbing food on the fly!  Hmph.
  • Biggest difference between being 24 years old (or 34) and 44: I really am not that concerned with whether I lose weight.  I just want to feel better!  
    • Actually, I am kind-of annoyed at the prospect of losing weight and having to buy new clothes, since I hate shopping and finally have my wardrobe pretty much in a good place at the moment.
  • We had a good holiday weekend.  Having an extra day off just made me want about 10 extra days off, though.
  • My boss emailed me out of the blue last week that he is giving me a $7K/year raise effective this month.  The extra $$ is nice, and it's even nicer to feel appreciated.
    • Relatedly, the raise makes me feel guilty about b1tching about work.  LOL


  1. Ha -- I completely understand not wanting to need a new wardrobe! I feel like I want to be healthy and fit, and maybe that doesn't look like skinny when I'm nearly 40. Which is okay. But I just bought some really lovely, flattering dresses, and I'm hoping that I can lose lumpiness without losing the fit to the dresses... Funny how priorities change as you get older! Congratulations on your raise, that's phenomenal. How lovely to have it for the summer, too!

  2. I finally stopped gaining weight, which I see as an accomplishment. I'd like to lose a few pounds, but more than that does seem like too much effort, buying new clothes (again) and whatnot!

    I hope it pays off for you!

  3. Whoa, congratulations on the raise. I'm with you on the clean eating thing. I have good intentions and poor follow through. It's hard!

  4. I could have written your post in terms of weight loss/management. I'm right with you. Trying to figure my way back to feeling better with losing weight being secondary.

    Congrats on the raise! It's such a nice compliment when that happens.


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