Monday, June 29, 2015

#Microblog Mondays 44

  • Although it has no direct effect on me whatsoever, I was happy to hear about the Supreme Court's ruling on the issue of same-sex last Friday.  (I summed up my feelings on same-sex marriage in this post from October 2008 on my old, pre-infertility blog.)
  • Despite having plenty to do at work, I am feeling decidedly unmotivated today.  I thought a Star$$ caffe mocha would help: nope.
  • Highlights of my weekend: got a massage Friday night and had brunch with my BFF on Sunday.
  • Low points of the weekend: boys were being contrary most of Saturday.  Ugh.
  • It's a four-day week this week!  Yea!  But that means I'd better get to work.


  1. "being contrary". HA. That sums up my life so well right now! Everything is contrary!
    But massages rock, and I'm getting one tomorrow. Get back to work!! (said the person who has done half of nothing at work today :))

  2. Hope you ultimately found your motivation. Sometimes you just need the ticking clock to get you started. Mmmmm, a massage sounds so nice.

  3. Mmmm, massage and brunch sounds amazing! I love long weekends and short weeks, but sometimes it feels like all the 5-day work gets crammed into a shorter period, so you kind of pay for it. Even at school, where things are (somewhat) predictable. I hope you find your groove and can get closer to your holiday weekend!


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