Monday, February 2, 2015

#Microblog Mondays 23

  • It's funny how there seem to be certain stages that all kids go through.  About a week after turning 3, MJ (and, to a lesser extent, AJ also) has started asking "Why?" often.  Stereotypical 3-year-old behavior, right?  So far, it's cute.  We'll see how long it takes before the novelty wears off. . . .
  • I discovered an iPhone app this weekend that I'm excited about.  It's called Little Hoots and is a way to preserve the cute/funny things your kids say.  I've often thought that I should be recording these things, so this will give me a fast (and potential creative/artsy) way to do this.
  • Hard to believe it's already February!  Living in Pho.enix, I could care less about Punxsutawney Phil's pronouncement that there will be six more weeks of winter: we are headed into the mid-to-upper 70s for the daytime highs this week.  That's our winter weather!


  1. The "why" stage got quite old in our house, and now Liam (4.5) just argues about everything---he's always right, we are, of course, dumb. So there's that to look forward to :)

    Oh, the 70s....... dreamy sigh. We just had our first blizzard this year the fact that it's February and our first big snow is pretty awesome. It will NOT be pretty awesome when it's still snowing in April though!

  2. I saw
    little Hoots the other day. Seems like a great idea. You weather makes me jealous. We got about a foot of snow yesterday and it is almost -30 here today.

  3. Such a good idea Little Hoots. I have all the funny things scrawled on post-in notes or up on Twitter (and I downloaded my Twitter archive to have it all in one place). That would have been better.

  4. Your weather sounds amazing this time of year. I know I'd never make it through a summer in Phoenix. I hate the heat! I'm ready for spring!!
    I can't wait for our kids to start talking more. Even asking why all the time sounds appealing at this point.

  5. Lucky lady to be in Phoenix enjoying a warm winter! And little hoots sounds like my kinda app. :)


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