Friday, December 19, 2014

Holiday Cheer

I thought I would share some good news here. . . 
  • I have gone from being overwhelmingly busy at work to having just a few loose ends to tie up. Apparently things really slow down at this firm over the holidays.  Nice!
  • At our holiday party on Wednesday, my boss told us all that he hopes that we will take some time off over the holidays these next two weeks.  I took that to mean that, in addition to the four days that the office will be closed, it is probably OK not to be at the office the usual 8-9 hours a day on the other days, too.  Yea!
  • I received a wholly unexpected year-end bonus, as well as a salary increase starting next month!  Obviously I never received a bonus at my most recent job in government, and during the almost-three years at my previous firm, I never once received a bonus or a raise because both were primarily based on hours billed.  The extra money is nice, but the better part is feeling appreciated for being a valued member of a team. . . a feeling I haven't felt at work in a very long time.
  • Through some online shopping, I managed to get gifts off to my out-of-state relatives earlier this week.  They will arrive in time for the holiday--whew!
  • I also managed to (finally!) get my holiday cards in the mail.  I usually aim to get them sent out the Saturday after, so I am really late this year for me.
  • My mom is now in town, and I will be seeing her tomorrow for the first time since April.
  • My dad called last night to let me know that things have improved for him health-wise to the point where he *is* going to be permitted to travel here for Ch.ris.tmas.  I am looking forward to seeing him, and I think he will really enjoy being with the boys for the holiday.
  • We have actually been having "sweater weather" here this week--daytime highs in the low 60s, the coldest weather we get during the year--which has helped to make things feel a little more festive.
  • I have a plan in place to knock out the remainder of my Ch.ris.tmas shopping tomorrow.  Hallelujah!
Have a great weekend!


  1. Lots of good news :-) Happy start to the weekend.

  2. Nice on the bonus and raise!! that's awesome.
    Man, low 60s...... :)

  3. Those are all fantastic bits of happy news! sOunds like things are shaping up!

  4. All good news! Congrats on the raise & the bonus, it must be great to feel appreciated. I'm glad your dad will get to spend the holiday with you, enjoy!


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