Friday, December 6, 2013


After over a month of not writing here, I feel like I have a lot to say and not a lot to say at the same time.  Life is busy and full, as usual.  The boys are doing well and are their usual busy, happy selves.  The things they do and say really crack me up sometimes.  A few examples. . .
  • MJ has started saying "I see, I see" when he sees something in a book or in his environment.  He then waits for you to ask "What do you see?" before telling you what it is.
  • AJ climbs like a monkey.  He prefers to climb UP slides, rather than sliding down them (and when he does slide down a slide, he does so on his belly rather than on his bottom).  One evening this week, I moved their rocking horse onto the kitchen table in an attempt to keep AJ from using it to climb up onto the TV stand (yes, they now do this regularly).  The result was that AJ used his high chair to climb onto the kitchen table and rode the rocking horse on top of the table--yikes!
  • MJ lets you know very definitely when he wants to go outside and play.  He says, and signs, "shoes" when he wants to leave the house, and if he wants to go to the park he says "whee!" which is his word for the swings.
  • AJ loves to build with blocks and is very meticulous.  If his tower is not constructed to his satisfaction, he will disassemble it and restart it a few times and eventually just knock it all down.
New job is good.  Nice people, less stress.  I have had a nagging cold for two weeks that I cannot seem to shake, so that's been a bummer; I actually had laryngitis for a while and mostly lost my voice for a few days around Thanksgiving.

Our holiday was good.  My MIL made (most of) the meal, and the boys ate some Thanksgiving fare for the first time.  My father and stepmother are coming a week from today to celebrate Christmas early with us.

Lately I have vacillated between feeling grateful for my life and feeling like I need a week or a month off to just hibernate by myself somewhere.  Both feelings are valid.  I think the latter feeling stems from this virus that won't go away more than anything else; I am just so tired all the time, even after a good, full night's sleep.

This weekend I am going to put up our Christmas tree, minus the breakable ornaments, and may even attempt some simple holiday baking with the boys.  TGIF!

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  1. I can second the need for a vacation. We are going to get a real tree this year, first time for everything, and alas the glass angels will not be on it because I don't want to yell at my cat for my stupidity of putting them up on it.


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