Thursday, February 14, 2013

Quick check-in

Thank you to those who read my last post and offered support.  I know I will be OK, eventually.  I am strong and resilient, and have overcome other obstacles in my life.  Moreover, I am not afraid to make changes and take action when a situation warrants it.  A friend and I were talking recently about how some people continually play the role of victim in their lives while others are determined to take ownership of their destinies, own their choices, and make changes.  I am definitely in the latter category.

In addition, I am fortunate to have the support of a loving husband, friends, and family, some (though not unlimited) financial resources, an education, decent health, and two adorable sons who need their mother to be healthy and present in their lives.  These things should help me to do things that might be difficult or impossible for others in my situation.

I am not sure exactly what it will take to "fix" what is wrong, but I am open to finding out. . . and I think that is an important first step.

On an unrelated side note. . . it would be nice to have a year where we don't pay enough for out-of-pocket medical expenses to deduct them on our federal income taxes.  Maybe in 2013?  Geesh.


  1. I have known this for a while, but you REALLY are a strong person. It is not everyone who would admit that they are struggling, and truthfully it seems like so few people can really even identify it when they're in the midst of it all. Good for you, for choosing counseling. I'm about to jump back in myself... Hang in there friend.

    P.S. Sorry I've been MIA... :(

  2. I dread even thinking about the taxes this coming year with paying out of pocket for donor eggs. But it will be worth it if it works.

    Hoping you have more good days than bad this year.

  3. I hope you are able to find some solutions to the stress, I've really got nothing to offer. The only thing keeping me sane is working 4 days per week. I wish every mother had that option! Good luck!

  4. Hope you have a productive appointment. You are a strong, intelligent woman. Hang in there.


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