Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thankful for my health and my boys

This time last year, I was in the hospital, on IV magnesium and continuous fetal monitoring, wondering what was going to happen to our sons and to me.  I didn't know when I would deliver or how our sons would do once they were born.  I felt sick, physically uncomfortable, flushed, exhausted, and anxious.

Today I woke early--as I do every day--and had time to shower and dress before getting my sons up and giving them breakfast and then changing them, dressing them for the day and playing with them for a couple of hours before their nanny arrived.  (Normally MM has the morning baby duty, but we had to change up the schedule today due to his having to be at work extra early for an annual training.)  I can't say I hopped out of bed brimming with energy, but I felt about as rested as I do on most mornings these days.

As I watched my sons eating their breakfast and then later toddling around our living room, playing with their toys and coming over occasionally to give Mama hugs, I thought about how much has changed since this day a year ago and how fortunate I am to have two healthy, happy little boys.  They have both exceeded my expectations for how they would be doing as they approach their first birthday, and it so fun watching them grow and develop.

MJ is now clapping his hands--super cute--and two nights ago learned to sign "more" when he wants more food (instead of yelling and screaming, which was his previous mode of communicating that desire).  AJ waves and is practicing his walking more and more with careful little steps.  They both smile and laugh readily and display such joy in exploring our home and the things in it.  (Their particular interest these days: putting anything and everything out the dog door.)  MJ squealed with delight when their nanny arrived, and AJ hurriedly crawled over to greet her.

I would not want to repeat my pregnancy or my hospital experience, with the preeclampsia and the c-section just after 34 weeks, but I could never say that it wasn't worth it.  Our sons are, hands down, the best thing in my life.  :-)


  1. I love this post! I also love hearing that signing actually works! I can't wait to teach my boys those kinds of things like you have. Happy birthday boys!

  2. I can just picture them using the dog door as a portal to the outside. LOL

  3. I love this post too. As my own "d day" gets closer and closer, I am so very excited but also nervous, and the positivity at the end of this post made me smile.


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