Monday, August 22, 2011

NT scan

(Another pregnancy-related post. . . . in case you don't want to read it.)

I had my NT scan this morning, and it was normal.  Babies' heart rates were 168 and 151 beats per minute.  We got to see a lot of both babies, since they initially weren't in the right position for the measurements the tech needed.  Both were very active.

We asked the tech if she would guess the genders, and she took a guess, though she stressed that it was just a guess, given that the positions of both babies made it hard to tell.  We have decided to keep this to ourselves for now, since it's so early.  We will see if she was right when we have our anatomy scan at 18-20 weeks.

So far, so good.

(Oh, and for anyone who may be wondering. . . . yes, I'm still having all day nausea--with related symptoms--and fatigue.  I'll be 13 weeks on Wednesday, so maybe a respite is in sight?  We'll see.)


  1. Congratulations on the great NT scan. Excellent news! I can't wait to hear the genders. :)

  2. I'm glad the NT test went well and the babies looked good! I can't wait to hear
    the sexes of the babies! I hope the normal NT test will give MM some peace of mind!

  3. So glad the scan went well!
    I do hope the m/s subsides soon.

  4. yay for great news....can't wait to hear what you are having! =0)

  5. Good to hear that all is well! I hope you start feeling better soon, things cleared up for me around 13 weeks.

  6. Glad to read everything is looking good! I am not a good example of nausea during pregnancy since I had it right up until the day of my csection. I hope there is a respite for you soon!

  7. Brilliant news that the babies are doing brilliantly. So you are really going to leave us all in suspense for another 5-7 weeks to find out the maybe-genders???

    I am now almost 27 weeks with twins and the last week is the first full week that I have not had morning sickness, but the nausea did pass around 15 weeks. Hope your end is a LOT nearer.


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