Friday, January 8, 2010

The Universe taunting me

Lately it truly seems that the Universe is f$#%ing with me. For the past several weeks at least, I have been noticing that I am seeing a higher-than-expected number of pregnant women and seeing them in unexpected places. A few examples:
  • Several weeks ago, I attended a continuing legal education seminar on ethics. Given that there are still more male than female members of the bar, I would estimate that only about 35-40 of the 100 or so lawyers in attendance were women. Of these women, about a third were not of child-bearing age. And yet the only two pregnant women in the room chose seats directly in back of and beside me after I was already seated and the seminar had begun. . . and proceeded to discuss their due dates, symptoms, fetuses' genders and the like during each break.
  • On the way back to the office that same day, I passed two different pregnant women walking on the street. This might not be unusual in some places, but where I live, nearly everyone drives or rides the bus. It was also quite chilly for here--in the low 50s--making it even more unlikely to see anyone, pregnant or not, out on foot.
  • Tuesday night the only visibly pregnant woman at my gym got on the elliptical trainer next to mine, though there were others available.
  • The cashier who took our money at Sweet Tomatoes on Sunday was pregnant. So were two of the other patrons in the restaurant.
  • Actually, lately it seems that nearly every time we go out to eat I see at least one pregnant woman.
  • When I got my hair cut and colored yesterday, in my usual salon which is as small as my master bedroom, the only other client there in the other chair was visibly pregnant.
  • On the way to the salon, I walked passed a pregnant woman (walking out of a sushi restaurant, of all places).
These are just a few examples. I suppose most people would chalk this up to my just being more aware of the pregnant women around me. I probably would, too, but for the fact that I've talked to some friends about this, and no one else seems to see as many pregnant women as I do. This is true even after I have brought this to their attention so that they are making an effort to notice pregnant women. (One friend--only a few years older than I--actually told me that she couldn't recall the last time she'd seen a pregnant woman.)

On a related note, I have learned that two more people I know are pregnant since the last time I posted on this topic. Three pregnant women I know have given birth in the past month, though, so the number of pregnant women I know has stayed fairly constant: 12 at last count.

Not really sure why the Universe seems to feel that I need constant reminders of my failure to conceive. . . .

Also, what is up with advertisers thinking that every woman is a mother? I am sick to death of seeing ads on Fac.ebo.ok, Yah.oo and the like for things for "Moms." I am not a mom; I may never be a mom. It's offensive to me.


  1. OMG I AM SOO TIRED OF THOSE ADDS ON FB TOOO!!!!! I just want to throw my laptop everytime I see one! :-)

    And I totally agree with you it seems like I see preggos everywhere... :-(

  2. I get the ads too. That list has to be disproportionate. I definitely pay more attention and see it more, but that can't account for all of those conincidences. No one sees that many pregnant people. Unless the universe is trying to do something sketchy. Hopefully it's trying to tell you something good and not being as evil as you suspect.

  3. I just think the state of AZ is hyperfertile!!!Maybe it is time to move to Sun City...there shouldn't be too many pregnant women there! LOL. Hang in there, I am trying to do the same when I see all of these cute pregnant ladies everywhere.

  4. It truly sucks that a side effect of infertility -- based on experience -- seems to be that it brings forth an army of pregnant women around to sucker punch us left and right. It's altogether bizarre how the universe operates...

  5. My DH said I have a super power, seeking pregnant women within a 7 mile radius.......

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