Monday, March 15, 2010


Today is sunny in the sense that our weather is sunny, but I live in Phoenix, where it's sunny about 300 days of the year. My mood today is also sunny, for reasons that are not altogether clear to me. Yes, I had a fun and relaxing weekend and spent the day out of the office at depositions, which was a nice break from the constant in-the-office grind of the past two weeks, but I've had many other days that were equally good objectively which did not put me in as good a mood. Yes, I have a four-day trip to Vegas with my husband coming up this weekend, along with my birthday, but we take frequent trips, and contemplation of them does not always lift my mood. Hmmm. Oh well, I'll take it.

As he did last month, MM wanted me to use OPKs this month to pinpoint my ovulation. I personally don't think that this is indicated for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that my cycles are pretty regular and I nearly always ovulate between CD 13 and CD 16 (with an occasional stray CD 18 in the mix). Lack of ovulation is not my fertility problem. Actually, I don't know precisely what my fertility problem is (*cough--old eggs--cough*), but it's not irregular cycles.

Nevertheless, I started them on CD10, which was last Friday, and I got a positive one this morning, CD 13. CD 13 is about the time I would generally expect a + OPK, though I have occasionally gotten one a little earlier or a little later.

So now, despite the fact that my mother is visiting, we will be "getting busy" tonight and tomorrow night to make sure our bases are covered. Actually, MM is probably happy to have a guarantee of three-days-in-a-row sex--we did it yesterday, also, coincidentally--because with his MIL visiting, it's been less frequent than usual.

In some ways, I wish MM would just give up the hope that we will ever conceive naturally. If he did, I could, too. As it is, it occasionally creeps in at the end of cycles. But so long as I am not having to chart or use fertility drugs and all he is asking is that I POAS a few times each month, I suppose I can't really complain.

I am often writing here about how I am bothered by finding out that friends and acquaintances (or their wives) are pregnant or have had a baby. For a change, I learned of a friend's pregnancy over the weekend which actually made me very happy.

Back in June, I wrote about my friend L at this end of this post. For those who did not read that post, shortly after I wrote it, L prematurely delivered a baby girl with multiple genetic abnormalities who lived only hours after her birth. On Friday, I saw a mobile-uploaded photo of L on a mutual friend's Fac.ebo.ok page which had been taken that day and showed L looking obviously pregnant. I emailed L to ask about it, and she apologized for not telling me earlier; she'd planned on waiting to spread the news, but her belly gave it away early. She is, in fact, pregnant, with another girl, and due on May 27 .

Doing some quick math, I figure she must have gotten pregnant the first cycle or two after her loss. (I suppose that tells something about her fertility; clearly TTC is not a problem for them. ) I am happy for her and praying that all goes well with this pregnancy. L and her husband are such great people and wonderful parents to the 2-year-old son they already have. I can't imagine how she must be feeling to be pregnant again so soon after such a difficult loss.

I have not shared L's news with MM because he still doesn't want to hear about someone else's pregnancy, delivery or baby. I know that in his line of work, he hears about plenty of pregnancies--he also has one pregnant coworker and one coworker shortly returning from maternity leave--so I will spare him the ones I can. L lives 100 miles away, and I see her only infrequently, so it doesn't directly impact MM that she is expecting. (I have been thinking about writing a separate post about my husband's difficulties dealing with our inability to conceive. Suffice it to say, he is still squarely in the "anger" phase of the grief process.)

P.S. Blogger Bluebird gave birth to her son last Friday. If you are inclined to look at some photos of a very cute baby, check out her post from earlier today.

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