Thursday, March 4, 2010


I just wanted to write a quick post thanking all those who commented on my last post. One of the good things about going through this horrible experience of infertility has been getting to know (via the internet) some wonderful, supportive people. Somehow knowing that I'm not the only one enduring this makes it a little easier to bear. Thank you!

I have been plagued with a headache most of the last two days, along with the usual menstrual cramps, but otherwise have no complaints.

Oh, my mom arrived for a month-long visit yesterday and shared some lovely family news with me. My stepsister's son, who is 20 years old, is going to be a father. His on-again, off-again girlfriend (who is also 20) is pregnant and due in September. So it looks like my stepsister, who is less than five years older than I, is going to be a grandmother before I am ever a mother. Ugh. Oh well. She is just following in the footsteps of her/my cousin, who is five years, four months my senior and already has two grandsons.

The universe is so f$%#^d up when it comes to who has children and when and who does not. My nephew is by no means ready to be a father and isn't even currently in a relationship with his baby's mother. I can't imagine that either of them planned this. And yet here MM and I sit, both gainfully employed and mature, TTC for 23 months and nothing.

Aargh. Honestly, news like this is something that would have made me sad/angry even before I was TTC myself. . . . the fact that I am unable to have a child of my own just makes it all the more maddening.

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  1. Aargh, I'm right there with ya. It's beyond not fair.


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