Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Last chance

After visiting a handy-dandy due date calculator today to figure out when a pregnant friend likely conceived, I punched in the date for my current cycle and realized that this cycle is our last chance to have a baby born in 2010. Clearly I am spending too much time on the internet again.

I guess I shouldn't start thinking about how this also means that we only have this cycle and perhaps three others to get pregnant and still have a baby before I'm 40. . . . .


  1. I keep doing that too. Last chance to have a baby in 2010. Last chance to have a baby before 35. blah blah blah.... :(

  2. Definitely dangerous thinking. I do that sort of thing way more often than I'd like to admit and it makes me crazy. I haven't done it in a few months and when I read where you said that this cycle would be the last one to have a baby born in 2010 it was like a punch in the stomach. ugh.

    I'm sending hope your way! If not a 2010 baby then 2011... whatever year it will be the perfect one :)


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