Friday, August 31, 2012

You Know You Are a Parent of Twins When

Knowing that there are a few fellow twin moms who read this blog, I couldn't resist sharing this link from Twiniversity (a national twin parents' organization).  I could definitely relate to quite a few of these, especially the ones below.

You know you are a parent of twins when:
  • you buy everything in bulk, diapers, wipes, baby bottles, etc… (Amazon and Costco get a lot of business from us these days)
  • no one can ride in your car because the car seats take up all the room
  • you shop on-line just to avoid taking the twins to the store (yes, and also, MM and I almost always stagger our errands to avoid taking the boys to any stores.  They're 7 months old and have been to the grocery store once and never to Tar.get, Costco or BRU.)
  • perfect strangers ask if you have had fertility treatments (unlike a lot of twin moms, this question doesn't offend me in the least, and I always happily respond "Yep!")
  • you suddenly find yourself feeding two babies with the same spoon (I've done this but I more often feed them simultaneously with a spoon in each hand.  And no, I'm not ambidextrous, so the baby getting fed with the left hand gets a little messier than his brother.)
  • you know what the word “singleton” means (Ha!  As a nurse, I knew what this meant before twins, but still worth a chuckle)


  1. My cousin and I both had our first babies, little girls, a few weeks before Christmas last year, and at family Christmas our aunt who has twin boys (7 years younger than me) was there (she lives in NY and doesn't often make it back to WI for family Christmas), and Surbhi and I both told her we had renewed amazement at her achievement in raising twins. She said it wasn't really that bad while it was happening, because she didn't know any better -- but when their younger sister was born 2 years later, she realized just how much easier having only one is!

  2. Ha, we stagger our errands as well, so Liam hasn't been to the store that many times. He's not really a good shopping buddy :)

    I used the word "singleton" recently, and someone had no idea what I was talking about. Oops.

  3. So true!!! The story of my life!!! Its a bit easier now that my boys are 4, however the internet and planning trips for errands during nights and weekends still happen.

  4. Ha! Yep, that's all spot on. Our girls so rarely go on store errands with us that when we do take them to costco (shopping carts with double baby seats!), they think they're at disneyland! ;) It is soooo much more than "2x the work of one..."

  5. I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only twin mom who avoids shopping too! I also have 7 mo. old twins and it's just so hard to take them shopping! You are shopping is my best friend!


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