Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Perspective and priorities

(Needless to say, this post is days late. . . not unlike AF was apparently.)

Two years ago, seeing this screen would've gotten me very excited about the possibility that I might be pregnant:

Now?  I'm so busy that I didn't even check the iPeriod program until AF had arrived and I went there to record the event.

If you're still in the trenches, take heart: you will eventually get to this place of too-busy-to-care-whether/when-AF-arrives, too.


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  2. That is one of the nice things about Al having what basically amounts to a vasectomy - I don't obsess over my period each month because of some small little bit of hope. Of course, that also means I am occasionally surprised and tamponless.

  3. I'm already there. It shows when it shows and it never is a good thing.


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