Thursday, August 23, 2012

Loose ends

Now that I'm blogging less often and only as time permits (and the mood strikes me), I've realized that I've neglected to follow up on some topics I've raised in earlier posts.  (Neglecting to follow up seems to be a theme in my life these days.)  So on the off chance that any of you have been waiting in suspense to learn what happened, here's that information.

  • Homemade purees: as I wrote here, I made my sons some homemade baby food.  I made them carrots, peaches, peas and sweet potatoes.  Neither baby liked the carrots much, and they haven't had the peaches yet (they keep in the freezer for up to 3 months, and I think I'll be debuting them next week).  AJ hated the peas and loved the sweet potatoes, while MJ thought both were OK (although I think that sweet potatoes give MJ loose stools, based now on two different trials of them, so he won't be getting them much for a while).  I haven't made them any new foods in a few weeks, due to lack of time this month to do so, but I fully intend to do so again in the future.  (It'll actually be more fun now because they've tried enough things that they are able to eat combinations of stuff!)
  • My "aches and pain" that I posted about here are actually quite a bit better these days.  I still have the area of numbness on my lower abdomen, the occasional twinge of pain and the keloided area on my incision site, all related to my c-section, but my back and hip pain has improved considerably.  Interested to know what made the difference?  Did I do physical therapy?  Acupuncture?  See a chiropractor?  Change to a job where I don't have to sit so much?  Nope.  I bought a foam roller (this one) and use it a few times a week, more often when I have tightness.  That alone has made a TREMENDOUS difference.
  • On a related note, remember a couple of months ago when I posted about getting back on the weight loss wagon?  Yeah, that hasn't really happened.  I went to the gym all four mornings the first week our nanny worked for us, and I haven't gone again since, for various reasons (boys waking earlier than expected and throwing a wrench in the works, preferring to sleep longer, and sheer laziness, to name a few).  And believe me, you don't want to hear about my eating; it's not pretty.  (Suffice it to say, it includes way more candy and processed foods than anyone who wants to lose weight and be healthy should be consuming.)  I really do need to renew my commitment to this, though, and find time for it in my schedule, for all the reasons I wrote about in my earlier post. 
  • Remember when I posted about my desire to clone myself in order to get everything done?  I think I've just accepted that, for the time being, I can only do what I can do.  Truth be told, the vast majority of my friends are really, really understanding of the major limitations on my free time these days, and so is my family.  (Plus I do my best to call my loved ones during my commute, in an attempt to keep somewhat in touch.)  Work is the only area that wouldn't be understanding if I didn't get everything done, and so I devote the time I need to devote to that area of my life, fitting it in with MM's help and support.  (I am so, so lucky to have a husband who is very hands-on and helpful, not only with our sons, but with everything.  I couldn't do this without him.  Seriously.  Dude deserves a medal.)  All the other things that are falling by the wayside--reading, volunteering, socializing--will still be there when our boys are a little older.
  • My Quest for the Perfect Post-Partum Panty continues.  On the advice of commenters here and others, I've recently ordered four different brands/styles online and will be test-driving them shortly.


  1. I've only had a small keloid, on my arm from a mole removal, I can't imagine the pain of a keloid from a c-section!

  2. I have found you! Hope to see more...when I was reading your other blog, someone mentioned seeing the boys on fb. I dont know how readily willing you are to befriend the world. we can email. just wanted you to know i've got my eyes on you!!


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