Monday, December 8, 2014

#Microblog Mondays 15

Random brain dump of my thoughts from my weekend. . .

  • The boys LOVE holiday lights and decorations.  They would go out and look at them every evening if we let them.  We went to see some last Friday and have plans to see more this Thursday night at the railroad park and over the weekend at a local home that is decorated in a Disney Pixar Cars theme (they love that movie, esp. AJ).
  • Why are Santa and his reindeer more interesting to my sons than the story of the baby  Should I be concerned?  (MM and I were both raised in different Christian sects--Lutheran for him, Roman Catholic for me--but neither of us actively practices our religion.)
  • How is that I spent nearly three solid hours cleaning my house on Saturday while MM took the boys to his mother's house, and there are still many things around the house that need to be done?  I guess it had just gotten THAT bad.  At least now we have clean clothes and certain standards of hygiene are being maintained, even if it isn't as neat and tidy as I'd like.
  • I was down with a bad migraine most of Friday (although I couldn't take the day off because I had a mediation I had to attend), and as a result, I am now even more behind at work.  I am beginning to get the feeling that this job is one at which I may never be caught up.  I leave here every day feeling like I could spend another 3-4 hours at the office.  Ugh.
  • I found out this morning that there is a chance that one of the partners may leave the firm before year's end when he finds out his bonus won't be what he had hoped and that our managing partner asked the associate attorney on a big-damages personal injury case he is handling if she thought I'd be willing to take over trying that case if/when he leaves.  I'd have a few hesitations in doing so--it's a case in another jurisdiction in which I've not practiced; the case has problems and is the subject of scrutiny from the higher-ups at the insurer that is paying our bills; and the trial starts the first week of February, meaning that my workload would increase exponentially starting in just a few weeks--but I am very flattered that my boss would consider me qualified to step in and do this.
Gotta get to work!


  1. Aaah, I remember those days of endlessly driving around to look for lights; the twins shrieking "sparkle lights!" every time we saw a house.

  2. Why are Santa and his reindeer more interesting to my sons than the story of the baby
    I think at their age TOYS are far more interesting than the idea of eternal salvation.


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