Monday, September 15, 2014



Our sons are so busy and fun these days.  I feel like especially since they started day care they are growing up so fast.

AJ is almost fully potty trained.  He rarely has accidents with #1 (only one in the past two weeks, and it was really more our fault than his), and he actually went #2 in the potty yesterday, after struggling with that for the past couple of weeks.  He is using more and more full sentences ("I need help," "I like muffins," "That's letter A") and adding new words to his vocabulary.

He still has his shy moments but overall he seems more confident and outgoing than he was before.  He continues to love playing with shape sorters and puzzles, cars, trains and fire trucks.

MJ is a dynamo.  He is obsessed with riding tricycles ("bikes," as he calls them), at home, at the day care and at the children's museum.  He also loves cars, trains and fire trucks and loves to run around and jump.  He talks non-stop and enjoys screaming, just for fun.  He tries to sing along with the songs he knows from his favorite shows, which is terribly cute.  He is very attached to Mama: he wants me to do EVERYTHING for him when I am home, refusing to allow Daddy to do anything, and he holds my hand when he is falling asleep.  He has flatly refused to potty train, though he can tell you exactly what is expected and will clap and cheer for AJ when he goes to the potty.

I am often exhausted and frustrated by them, but they really are wonderful and special little men.


  1. They sound like so much fun. What a great age.

  2. Sounds like your boys are so fun! They seem to have very different personalities.


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