Monday, September 8, 2014

Micro-Blog Monday: Is a good mother born or made?

This question is one that has been on my mind.  Discuss in comments.

(I have purposely left the term "good mother" undefined.)


  1. Yes.

    (Ah, gotta love being a logician, taking things literally and using inclusive or.)

    To modify the adage, I believe that some people are born mothers, some achieve motherhood, and some have it thrust upon them. All three have the potential to be good, and all three have the potential to be bad.

  2. Both.

    There are natural instincts that make mothering a lot easier - and therefore a lot easier to be a good mother. Nurturing, comforting, triage, multi-tasking, creativity. These are all things that make the road to being a good parent smoother.

    There are things we all have to work at and learn to be good parents - and as long as one puts in that effort, they are a good parent even if they aren't a perfect one.

  3. Tricksie. Okay, I think made more than born. I think there are things you learn on the job and things you learn BEFORE the job through observation. Things you absorb or decide to do differently from the way you were raised. So made.

  4. Made; because it's almost impossible to be prepared for it. I think it's hard to grasp what motherhood actually entails until you're knee-deep. And then it's Trial By Fire.


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