Friday, June 13, 2014

Three years ago today

The embryo transfer for the DE IVF cycle that produced our sons was three years ago today.  Around this time, I was probably getting ready to head over to the clinic.  (I remember that they were very busy that day and that I didn't end up getting called back to the transfer room until about 45 minutes later than my original appointment time.)

In three years, the boys have gone from being two tiny little blastocysts sharing a petri dish to being two growing boys with distinct personalities who can run, jump, climb, talk and laugh.  I remember wondering at transfer whether they were boys or girls and whether either or both of them would implant and grow to a real, live baby.  And now here they are.

In that same span of time, MM and I have gone from being a leisurely DINK couple to being the harried and happy parents of twin toddler boys.  Their arrival has irrevocably changed our lives and our marriage.

What an eventful three years!

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  1. Wow, three years. Congratulations, S. How much life can change in such a short period of time!


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