Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Adulthood Bites

Things I hate about being a grown-up:

  • If I don't eat right and get enough sleep, I feel like crap
  • No one is going to come and clean or organize my house (unless I pay them an exorbitant amount of money. . . and then they probably won't do the job to my satisfaction)
  • I can no longer spend money with total disregard for the future
  • Certain food and drinks give me heartburn.  That never happened when I was teenager (who regularly ate Funyuns and a Dr Pepper for lunch) or in my 20s (when I worked night shift a lot and ate at irregular times)
  • I have a lot of responsibilities
  • I've had to accept that there are a number of things in life that it's unlikely I will ever accomplish
  • I can't sleep in anymore
  • Because I can't sleep in anymore, I can't stay up late anymore
  • I have to think about things like my cholesterol and triglyceride levels and my risk for heart attack and stroke (bleh)
  • My parents are old
  • All the teenagers I know were born after I graduated from college (sigh)
  • I spend more time doing things I "have to" do than doing things I "want to" do


  1. I hear you on that one being just a wee bit older than you.

  2. 48 over here and, while some are inalienable truths (my parents are old, I don't sleep in anymore) I am approaching 50 with gust-o. I feel like my 33 yr old self, with more weight on my bones, something I continue to work at despite the many factors working against me, and I make sure to balance the 'have tos' with the 'want tos'. And, if it's any consolation to you, my 7 yr old complains relentlessly, 'do I HAVE to?', so kids have their own perception regardless of the reality of their young lives.

    1. Nope, no consolation. LOL

      I'm glad you feel so good as you approach 50. I decidedly do not.


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