Wednesday, February 26, 2014

New study on breast-feeding benefits

I came across this article today summarizing the findings of a new study of comparing siblings who were fed differently in infancy.  One thing that struck me particularly: asthma was associated more with breast-feeding than with bottle-feeding.  Who'd have thought that?  I actually have friends who chose to breast-feed longer primarily in the hope of helping their children avoid asthma.

One of my favorite parts of this article is this quote included from the study's author:

I’m not saying breast-feeding is not beneficial, especially for boosting nutrition and immunity in newborns,” Colen said. “But if we really want to improve maternal and child health in this country, let’s also focus on things that can really do that in the long term – like subsidized day care, better maternity leave policies and more employment opportunities for low-income mothers that pay a living wage, for example.

I couldn't agree more.


  1. I've seen that study floating around the past few days too. It makes sense. What a child eats for the first year of life is not going to matter nearly as much as environment and genetics. The focus on breastmilk as the be-all and end-all has to end.

  2. Couldn't agree more! My twins were formula fed from almost day 1 and they have never had more than a runny nose. They don't go to daycare, we have a part-time nanny, and we always keep them on a good schedule with meals and snacks of the healthy variety. There are other ways to raise healthy babies than just breastfeeding. :)

  3. Love this article!! I have felt guilt from the day I threw the towel in on BF'ing/pumping. I know I shouldn't feel guilty... This article helped ease the guilt that hasn't completely gone away. Our kids didn't get sick until they were 13 months old. I hope this article helps other women going through the BF'ing struggle. Thanks for sharing!


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