Friday, June 14, 2013

Toddlers are fun

(Caution:  children and parenting mentioned and discussed)

I often think that someone who knows me only through the things I write here might easily get the impression that I am a negative person when, in fact, that is not true.  Like anyone else, I have my moments of negativity and pessimism, and I think I am more pragmatic and logical than most women. . .but in the main, I am a happy and positive person.

I think the reason that more of the things I post here are negative than positive is because this blog is, in some ways, a repository for my negative thoughts and emotions.  Historically, this is the (virtual) place I have come when I have had thoughts and feelings I wanted to pour out that I didn't want to pour out to people in real life, for one reason or another.  Often, that reason was that those thoughts or feelings were uncharacteristically negative.

In addition to being the place I come to dump my negative thoughts and feelings, this blog has also become for me a chronicle of my life of sorts.  A limited chronicle, to be sure, but a record of my experiences nonetheless.

On that note, let me share that my sons are so fun!  Most mornings, they wake up laughing and "talking" to each other.  They are full of energy and are almost constantly in motion from the time they get up until the time they go to bed (apart from naptime).

They are understanding more and more of what we say to them and are making more attempts to communicate with us.  MJ says several words consistently and signs several words as well; it seems that he picks up a new sign every few days now.  AJ says only a few words but can sign several more and clearly understands a lot of what we say.  He has surprised us lately with busting out a couple of new signs we didn't realize he'd mastered.  (I have had some mild concern about the fact that AJ seems to be "behind" his brother, but he is quieter and mellower in general, and both our pediatrician and nanny seem to think he is on track for his age.)

In addition to the pleasure I get from seeing one of the boys sign a new word or hearing him say a new word, it is also great to be able to actually communicate with one another.  It's hard taking care of someone when you have to guess what they want and when they can't understand what you're asking of them.

We are often asked if the boys play together, and I'm not quite sure how to answer that question.  They do chase each other around, and MJ often tackles/hugs (not sure which) AJ and takes things from him that he is playing with.  They often hold hands while they are in the high chairs for meals and put food or sippy cups on each other's trays.  They "talk" and laugh at each other often.

In addition to the fun of watching them learn and develop, I really enjoy getting to act silly with them.  They love it when I sing 80s pop songs at the top of my lungs or make faces or give them "horsey" or "airplane" rides.  It's nice to have an excuse to do these things!

As well as enjoying the things the boys are currently learning and doing, being a parent has made me look forward to the future more than I had in a while prior to having them in my life because I know that the next stages in development will be just as fun to watch (in addition to having their own parenting challenges, yes, but focusing on the positive here).  MM and I often talk about how we look forward to introducing the boys to various activities and experiences.

We are so fortunate to have these little guys in our lives.


  1. The communication thing is just the coolest. I've been talking to Gwen regularly since she was born, and had gotten used to it being a one-sided conversation. Now, she responses with appropriate verbal responses to my yes/no questions! It's amazing! And more amazing when they initiate communication. Out of the blue while we were waiting for our luggage at the airport a few weeks ago, Gwen looked at me and asked, "Wa-duh, mama?" and when I got out the bottle of water she grinned, so pleased not only that she was getting what she wanted, but that she was able to get me to understand what she wanted first go.

    You're right, toddlers ARE a lot of fun.

  2. Toddlers are SO MUCH more fun than babies, IMHO,and it will get even more so (for you), and for me in awhile. ha.

    And I'm sure (well, I know) that people think I'm very negative based on my blog. I spew my negative thoughts there rather than other places oftentimes, so it becomes my little Negative Thought 'happy place'. It is what it is!

    I can't wait to see how Olive and Jude start to communicate with each other. Right now they just like to take the others' toys!

  3. Loved reading this. I am so excited for James to be JUSt a little more grown up than he is right now. I am enjoying my leave and I love how cute he is, but it is hard for me to not be able to communicate with him other than decoding his cries and smiling (which he just started doing).

  4. I, for one, have always appreciated your honesty. Whatever you do, keep being "real". It's what brings me back time after time.


  5. I love reading about the ups AND downs! Keep doin' what you're doin'. And I love hearing about your boys. More, please! :-)

  6. Although I've only read your blog a short while, I've enjoyed how open & honest you've been, even if some of it is negative.

    I totally relate to your last paragraph, especially. Being a parent puts a totally new perspective on the future, doesn't it?

  7. Oh my gosh, I think Davie is the most fastinating person in the world. I get a front-row seat to watching a person discover the world! She's so funny and challenging and cute and stubborn. It's the most fun Troy and I have ever had. I can't imagine watching two at once! :)

  8. Just as we learn more from our failures than we do from our successes, it is common to be more reflective about the challenges in ones life and a blog is a safe place to document them and get support.

    Keep it up; everyone deserves to vent. There's catharsis in it.


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