Tuesday, November 2, 2010


MM and I had a wonderful weekend at Disneyland and California Adventure!  We rode all the rides we'd hoped to and, aside from one bad experience (outside the parks) when we first arrived in Anaheim, it was a very relaxing weekend.

I started my new job yesterday and so far, so good.  It's too soon to say whether I am going to like the work, but people have been friendly and nice, and my office has a great view!

It seems that I am going to be blogging less--and commenting less on blogs--though, because there is a company-wide policy prohibiting blogging on work time or on work computers.  (I don't know about the rest of you, but I used to write my blog entries at work more often than not.  Spending much of my days on the computer, rarely am I on the computer in the evenings.)  I'm sure if I have a burning desire to write about something I can sign on in the evening and do it, but I know that I am less likely to get on the computer then than during the day.

I've often talked about cutting back on my time on the computer, and this job is going to force me to do it.  (In addition to blocking blogger, their system also blocks Fac.ebo.ok and my personal email accounts.)  So if I haven't commented on your blog for a while, rest assured that I am still reading and haven't forgotten you.

In terms of TTC-related news, there is none.  AF arrived before we left for California, and I couldn't even say for sure what cycle day I am on currently.  We are still signed up to attend that adoption informational seminar on Saturday, and I have a counseling session on Sunday.  So that's where I'm at.

One surprising fact about our trip: I found that I wasn't at all bothered by all the small children, babies and pregnant women we saw.  I'm not sure why this is, as these are sights which historically have bothered me.  I did find myself thinking of my nephew a lot (as in "Oh, wow, Rowan would LOVE this!") and, at times--I'm not gonna lie--feeling glad that I only had myself (and my husband) to worry about.


  1. Glad that you're settling in to your new job. Most stuff is blocked at my office as well, blogger is an exception and I'm the same way... generally on the computer during the day and not much afterwards. Please stay in touch!

  2. Boo!

    I wish I were a better IT person so I could hack in and undo the restrictions keeping you from accessing the good stuff.

  3. Last paragraph: :)
    Last sentence: Tee hee!!!! ;)

  4. i started my new job yesterday too!!! yay for new jobs!!!!

  5. Hey S...my DH and I went to California on a spur of the moment trip after news of my devastating diagnosis earlier this year. We went to Disney and C. Adventure and had the time of our lives!! I wasnt sure how we'd react but actually we were SOO glad we weren't there with kids because we could enjoy it just for us. It was one of the best days of our lives and we hope to go back there with a child of our own some day. Congrats on the new job...connect with us bloggers when you can.

  6. Too bad you aren't able to blog from your new job! I'm glad you had fun in CA over the weekend! I still can't get over how expensive D-land has gotten. I grew up in Socal and had a heart attack a couple of years ago when I paid for the tickets! Times have changed!

  7. I'm so glad y'all had a good time together at Disneyland! Let us know how the adoption seminar goes!


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