Monday, March 10, 2014

10 Days

Ten days into this month, and I have yet to write a post.  So I will share just a few quick thoughts.

  • I got to watch the Oscars last weekend and actually stayed awake for the entire broadcast.  Unlike last year's Oscars, when I had seen none of the Best Picture nominees, I had at least seen one of the Best Picture nominees.  Progress. . . 
  • We had such a fun weekend with the boys this past weekend.  They are healthy again and were very active and feisty at Saturday's Lit.tle Gym class and had a great time at the zoo on Sunday.  (Although it was a little hard for MJ to understand why it was OK to be in the enclosure with, and petting, the goats but not the other animals.  I guess that kind of logic is difficult to grasp at 2.)
  • We continue to have beautiful weather here and must enjoy it while we can, as it will probably start getting hot in a little over a month here.
  • My inlaws were in a fairly serious car accident last Wednesday.  My FIL has three fractured ribs and had to spend two nights at a local trauma center for observation due to concerns for possible internal injuries/bleeding, and my MIL, although she suffered no serious injuries, has been in severe pain with her back, which was already giving her problems prior to the accident.  MM had to spend a couple of days and nights with his mother, helping her while she could barely get around, and they are both still having a difficult time of it.
  • My mom is still in town and has been a help with the boys and with my inlaws after their recent accident.
  • I woke up with a mig.raine today and am very, very tired as a result.  I have a lot to do this week and am not feeling very focused due to my headache and fatigue.  
  • I somehow managed to scratch my cornea last Thursday night/Friday morning and woke up with a very red and inflamed eye.  I am now forced to apply antibiotic ointment four times a day and wear my (not-current-prescription, broken-and-taped-back-together) glasses until it heals.
  • I still feel like I need a vacation.  Happily, I am going to be getting one in a few weeks: I will be off work from March 31 through April 4, and during that week, we are going to spend a few days in Las Vegas visiting with my sister and her family.  
  • Back to the grind. . . . 


  1. Nice news (except for the accident and scratched cornea, sorry on both fronts) all the way around.

  2. Hope your in-laws are better soon. My mom scratched her cornea years ago when she was working on the apple trees...not fun.


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