Monday, January 6, 2014

Random observations and occurrences

While the rest of the country is experiencing frigid temperatures, snow and record cold, we had a beautiful weekend here in Ph.oenix: sunny, with daytime highs in the upper 60s/low 70s.  The boys got to go to the park both afternoons.  It was great!

Our weekends are always constant go, go, go.  Our sons require a high level of supervision, as they are "into" everything, and weekends are pretty much the only time we have to get things like laundry, cleaning and grocery shopping done.  We also like to get the boys out of the house to play somewhere both days, and I like to be social when I can.

This weekend, MM and I had dinner out with one of my closest friends and her husband on Saturday night, and I had lunch with my BFF Sunday, followed by a little shopping.  I also had my hair cut and colored; not really "fun" but necessary, as my grays were abundant.

In addition to getting to do some fun and relaxing things, I also got a bunch of little projects done around the house.  Not anywhere NEAR all the things I need, or had hoped, to get done. . . but at least I made some progress, and that felt good.

Seeing a clearance sale at Stride Rite while the boys were playing at the mall play area Saturday morning, I decided to get the boys' feet measured, even though we had just measured them at Thanksgiving.  MJ's feet had grown a full size, and he now wears a 9.5W!  Does anyone else think that this is an exceptionally large shoe size for a boy who is not-quite-2-years-old?  AJ's feet had also grown, and he now wears a 7W.  So they both got new shoes.

MJ pooped in the bathtub last night.  First time that had happened.  Quick action on my part saved this from becoming a bigger mess than it could have been.  I guess we are lucky we had gotten through nearly two years of baths without this happening.

I have mentioned here before that AJ is starting to talk more.  One amusing thing about his increasing vocabulary is that in addition to saying words correctly, he also repeats some of MJ's cute and unique usages of language.  So AJ now also says "I see, I see" to call attention to things he notices and mispronounces the word "cheese."  It's pretty funny.  I guess AJ is learning from his brother as much as he is learning from the adults around him?

Every time MJ sees a vehicle larger than a 4-door sedan, he now says "Big car, big car."  This applies to trucks and vans also.  It's cute.  He is obsessed with vehicles of all types.

Traffic was brutal this morning, with everyone back at work or school and many winter visitors back in town.  There was also a huge accident on my usual route that backed things up for miles.  Ugh.

Happy Monday!

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