Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

The photos I am seeing of Manhattan and Hoboken, NJ--places I visited just a few years ago--are just unbelievable.  I hope that anyone who reads this blog who lives in the areas affected by this hurricane stays safe.

For today, I am grateful that I live in a part of the country where hurricanes don't hit.  It was 89 degrees and sunny here yesterday and promises to be the same today.


  1. I know! It's so terrible.

    I am actually thankful I live in a place that gets hurricance but not cold weather. I cannot imagine being out of power for days and days without heat! At least with Isaac, we were hot and gross but not in any danger due to extreme cold.

  2. I have family in the storm's path. Thankfully no one has reported damage.

  3. All the NYC/NJ bloggers I know were in my thoughts today and yesterday...so hope everyone is ok!!

  4. It's awful. I grew up in Jersey, and so many of the beaches I went to as a child are now destroyed.


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