Monday, November 28, 2011

Gestational diabetes

I got a call from my OB's office on Wednesday afternoon letting me know that I tested positive for gestational diabetes.  I wasn't particularly surprised, given all my risk factors, but was a little bummed out nonetheless.

For now, all I've been asked to do is check my blood sugar four times a day and keep a log.  I will be given further instructions on dietary recommendations this week (although, having been a nurse, I am already pretty familiar with what they are likely to be).

It's not so much the fact of having GD that bothers me, although I will admit I don't love pricking my finger to check my blood sugar four times a day.  (I don't think I'll mind the dietary restrictions much because I haven't been able to tolerate most simple carbs since I've been pregnant anyway, have been eating frequent small meals, and already eat protein at every meal.)  I'm more bothered by the worry that this is just the beginning.

I know I have been extremely fortunate to have no pregnancy complications up to this point, despite being at increased risk for a number of things.  I guess I just think that maybe this is just the first thing that's going to go wrong.

At this point in my pregnancy, my biggest concern is preterm delivery (and, really, anything else which might lead to a bad outcome for the babies, but that tops the list).  Having GD is yet another risk factor for developing preeclampsia, something which I am predisposed to by family history (both my mother and sister had pregnancy-induced hypertension, though not fully developed preeclampsia), and by being overweight, carrying twins, conceiving through DE, and being in my first pregnancy.

Unlike my husband, I am not a worrier by nature, but I can't help thinking that, even though preeclampsia is relatively uncommon, with all these risk factors, I will be extremely lucky not to develop it.  I only worry mildly about the risks to my own health; my primary concern is premature delivery and all its attendant effects on the babies.

I suppose it doesn't do much good to dwell on what might happen in the future when it is largely out of my control.  All I can do is continue following my doctors' instructions and hope for the best.

On a wholly unrelated note. . . . today is our third wedding anniversary.  I can honestly say that marrying MM was one of the best decisions I've made.  Despite being in the infertility sh1t for most of our marriage, our relationship is stronger than ever, and we are happy.


  1. Happy Anniversary, S! I'm sorry to hear about the gestational diabetes diagnosis, but it sounds like you have things well under control. As for the worrying, I would be the definition of a hypocrite if I told you not to worry. But, I will say that in my experience, my worry has been for naught. The things I spent lots of time worrying about have ended up not mattering to me at all...and new challenges that hadn't even occurred to me are what is occupying my time. I think your attitude about following your doctor's instructions and hoping for the best sounds wonderful. Best of luck to you and your little ones.

  2. Sorry to hear about the GD, seems like after all the crap we infertiles have to go through we should just geta pass for all pregnancy related complications... Congrats on your wedding anniversary!!

  3. Happy anniversary! Hey, I flunked my first test too and I'm supposed to do the 3-hr test tmrw am. Eek. I was completely shocked because i dont have any of the other risk factors you mention except having twins Keeping my fingers crossed I pass. If not, you'll have my company! :(

  4. Sorry about the diabetes...that sucks. And happy anniversary! :)

  5. Happy Anniversary!
    I am sorry about the GD. Your attitude is a great one, do what you need to and hope for the best, no need to worry about something that might not be an issue.

  6. GD---blah!

    It sounds like you have a great doc on your hands, though.


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